turnkey esports events & content in Malta.


Looking to host your next esports event in Malta?

We can deliver an event from start to finish, taking care of all aspects such as production, hospitality, venue, and marketing.

Just getting started?

We'll break down the market for you, and help you identify opportunities in the space that you and your company can leverage.

Want to sponsor?

If you're looking to sponsor initiatives in esports, we offer a full calendar of events as well as varying degrees of involvement to suit any budget.

Want content?

We produce our own esports content & gaming content. We can host bespoke events for our clients.

Want contacts?

We can help you set up shop by speaking to the right people in the industry.

Like What You See? We’re Just Getting Started


Below are the main properties under the Quickfire brand. Our expertise varies from hosting top-tier tournaments, community events, B2B esports networking events, as well as running a gaming cafe.